Who is she?

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During her career, Delphine has worked as a Human Resources assistant in the aerospace industry in France, and in Canada, she specialized in career management and transition. She has a deep understanding of both cultures and has established a wide network of contacts in France.

After making a career change, Delphine became a French second language teacher in October 2014. Since then, she has been teaching French to kids, federal public servants and international students. She also assists future immigrants in preparing for the French exam, the TEF/TEFAQ.

In August 2016, as a former immigrant, Delphine decided to leverage her knowledge and expertise by founding La Passerelle. This company not only provides customized immigration and settlement services in Canada but also recruits international skilled workers.

In 2020, as the worldwide economy was on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, she created Tatutatuque, an online shop of ethical fashion that is also eco-friendly, to sell her custom-made Canadian merino wool creations, using 100% natural and organic products.

Delphine is widely recognized as a true professional with exceptional listening skills and empathy. Her passion for helping others, combined with her mastery of both cultures, makes her an invaluable asset in the field of immigration and French language instruction.

Areas of expertises

In 2016, she took the Centre de langue française – Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Paris Île-de-France online training to become a TEF examinator and since then she has been teaching French to future immigrants and help them to prepare for this French exam (TEF/TEFAQ).

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In October 2014, she got her DAEFLE (Diplôme d'Aptitude à l'Enseignement du Français Langue Étrangère) from The Alliance française de Paris.

In October 2014, she attended a familiarization session detailing the CSPS's training programs and oral interaction assessments. Since then she has been helping federal public servants to achieve or maintain their level B/C proficiency.

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She also works as a supply teacher in elementary schools within the school boards of Quebec districts.

In September 1993, she graduated in France with a Bachelor degree in foreign languages.


What her students say about her ...

The best teacher that I had

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très professionnelle et très qualifiée

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I have taken a number of part-time French courses as a public servant with the Federal government. Delphine by far was the best teacher that I had. The highlight of my week was always attending French classes with her. I could always see how excited her students were to learn from her. Teaching comes naturally to her and she knows how to engage and immerse her students in the language. Excellent French teachers don’t stay for long teaching part-time courses at the Federal government. I count myself lucky to have been taught by Delphine. With her as my teacher I was able to build a solid base to continue to learn the language. I highly recommend Delphine for all of your French teaching needs.

Martin Kireti

Direction générale de la politique des licences du spectre

Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada

J’ai pris des cours pendant un an avec Delphine, huit heures par semaine. Elle est très gentille, très professionnelle et très qualifiée. Elle m’a enseigné le français et la culture française. Elle a une pédagogie spéciale pour expliquer la grammaire et la conjugaison.

Moi, j’étais débutante et je ne parlais pas français, je connaissais juste « bonjour, bienvenu » etc. Maintenant, je peux communiquer en français couramment. J’ai passé l’épreuve de compréhension orale du TEFAQ et j’ai obtenu un niveau B1. Je suis très fière de moi. De plus, nous avons une relation amicale!


Étudiante chinoise

le cours était excellent !

Photo Ross témoignage #1

he wished she was his French teacher at school.

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Je suis Ross. J’ai appris le français avec Delphine pendant un an.
J’ai adoré le temps passé dans sa classe. On était toujours actifs et j’ai beaucoup amélioré mon français oral. Avant, je ne pouvais pas parler français, même si je le comprenais. Maintenant j’ai plus confiance en moi et je suis capable d’utiliser plusieurs formes de verbes qu’avant je n’osais pas utiliser.
De plus, je peux développer mon opinion et argumenter. J’utilise le français tous les jours dans mon travail et dans ma vie. Cette année, je vais passer l’examen de TEFAQ pour immigrer au Québec.
J’ai beaucoup aimé les méthodes pédagogiques de Delphine. Elles étaient exactement ce dont j’avais besoin. Presque toutes les activités ont été à l’oral, et grâce à ça, mon français s’est vraiment amélioré !  J’avais de très nombreuses occasions de m’exprimer, ce qui était vraiment important pour moi.
Par ailleurs, j’ai compris comment bien prononcer mes « yer » en français.
Delphine respecte ses étudiants et elle les encourage toujours. Vraiment, elle est la meilleure professeure de français que j’ai eue. Elle est la plus gentille, sympa, et agréable. Elle était incroyable, et le cours était excellent !
Si tu veux apprendre le français, Delphine sera ton meilleur choix. Fais-moi confiance, tu ne seras pas déçu !


Étudiant chinois

My son was tutored by Delphine during his last year of elementary school. He wasn’t feeling challenged enough at school with his French classes and we wanted to give him the best possible chance of being accepted into the French Enriched program at his junior high school. Delphine worked with us to understand our goals and timelines. She structured her tutoring sessions to areas that would be assessed in the entrance exam. They worked on grammar, vocabulary and oral communication. He was given exercises to practice each week. When he had questions or if there was something he didn’t understand Delphine was patient and went over explanations until it clicked. She was very organized with her sessions and my son felt challenged and supported. All their sessions were done over zoom which was convenient.
In the end he succeeded in being accepted into his French program. But what really impressed me was how much he seemed to enjoy the tutoring sessions. He had a great rapport with Delphine and used to tell me he wished she was his French teacher at school. We definitely saw the progress in his learning and he’s been doing very well in junior high school so far. We really enjoyed our experience and would recommend Delphine to anyone looking to improve their French.


Maman de Camden